“The biggest launch in the history of Phonak”

Words: Benjamin Kennedy, Head of Marketing, Phonak UK

Earlier this month, the Phonak team pulled out all the stops to introduce our ground-breaking Marvel family of hearing aids to 250 audiologists at the impressive 30 Euston Square, London; the headquarters of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

The day’s event introduced guests to Marvel; its features and innovations, via presentations and interactive sessions.

Jon Billings, Managing Director of Phonak, welcomed attendees and outlined the significance of the much-anticipated launch: “Today’s event represents the biggest product launch in the history of Phonak,” he said, “Marvel will amaze you.”

Trainee audiologist at Hearing Wales, Fiona Stares, said: “I really enjoyed the launch of the Marvel range and was very impressed with the whole event…it provided a fantastic opportunity to get to know the product in real detail. I feel like I am off to a flying start in being able to promote the new range.”

Love at first sound

The Marvel family of hearing aids first and foremost produces exceptional sound quality, resulting in reduced listening effort in noisy environments. The added wow factor comes with the series of new and unique features developed for Marvel, however – including the ability to stream all audio content from iOS and Android devices, access real-time remote support, and real-time voice-to-text transcription of phone calls.

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Thomas Lang, Senior Vice President of Phonak Marketing, presented Marvel to the crowd, walking through each of its features including the eight ‘World First’ innovations. He said: “Marvel delivers the best first fit Phonak has ever developed…this is the pinnacle of audiological performance.”

The clear, rich sound delivered by Marvel is thanks to AutoSense OS 3.0, developed with artificial intelligence (AI), which provides and exceptional sound quality from the first fit, better speech understanding in noise, a reduced listening effort and a rich sound when streaming. Built-in microphones allow completely hands-free phone conversations from both iPhone and Android devices while the conversation is heard in both ears, and the smart apps enable remote fine-tuning and live voice-to-text phone transcriptions.

“The Marvel family of hearing aids represent over 70 years experience from Phonak,” explained Lang, “it is the most complete hearing aid on the planet, there are no trade-offs. You really can have it all.”

The first Marvel hearing aid to feature the breakthrough technologies is the Phonak Audéo™ M, now available to order. The new hearing aids are RogerDirect™ ready, meaning they can receive signals from Roger™ microphones directly without attaching a separate receiver in the future for better understanding in noise and over distance.

Super smart apps

Following a lunch provided by Searcy’s of London, audiologists at the day’s event were treated to an afternoon of interactive workshops and sessions, enabling them to experience the full benefit of Marvel’s new innovations.

Examples of the new smart apps proved popular, and those testing the sound quality of the new hearing aid were impressed with the clarity and richness of sound.

Steve Witts, audiologist at The Outside Clinic, said: “What an incredible product! It’s clear there are so many ground- breaking benefits with Marvel, and we are really looking forward to incorporating this into our portfolio.

“We’re also really excited about the online ‘Hearing Screener’ as this will help to generate more awareness of hearing loss, particularly online and across various social media channels.”

The new smart apps have been designed to enhance the user experience. The suite of apps will include myPhonak, which allows wearers to have their hearing aid adjusted in real-time via a video call. It will also give customers the ability to rate their hearing aid satisfaction in various environments – this information is sent directly back to the hearing care professional to assist their customer care and provide a more bespoke service for their customers.

Lastly, the myCall-to-Text app provides live transcription of phone calls and is enabled in more than a staggering 80 languages. This app is the ideal solution for noisy environments, or for those who prefer additional visual captions when using the phone.

Earlier that day, attendees were taken through the “customer journey of today” – demonstrating how the ground-breaking Marvel technologies can benefit the wearer in a range of everyday situations.

The Phonak event team’s 35 members were also on hand to speak to audiologists throughout the day, and in a final session provided support and advice about launching Marvel into their business.

After the days’ event came to a close, an evening dinner was held at the magnificent St Pancras Hotel.

Learn more about the magnificent Marvel family of hearing aids by speaking to a member of our fantastic customer care team: 01925 623 600

Experience Love At First Sound, today!

Phonak Audéo M

Sonova UK acquires leading hearing specialist


Sonova UK Limited, the leading provider of hearing instruments and wireless communication solutions, has acquired Gordon Morris Ltd, a specialist supplier of hearing loop installations and assistive listening devices.

Established in 1983, Somerton-based Gordon Morris Ltd supplies, installs, maintains and advises on a range of equipment and environmental aids for hearing impairment across the UK. Under founder Gordon Morris, the company has established itself as one of the most respected providers of hearing solutions such as Sonova’s wireless Roger portfolio. The company is known in particular for its work in the commercial, industrial, educational, public and religious sectors.

“The acquisition of Gordon Morris Ltd makes perfect sense as the business is already nicely aligned to our core values of making hearing solutions easily accessible to as many people as possible,” said Tim Clark, Commercial Director of Sonova Communications. “Gordon Morris has built a terrific reputation for service and support and, like Sonova, it places the customer at the heart of everything it does. We are thrilled to welcome the company into the Sonova family.”

For Gordon, the decision to sell the business came after 35 years at the helm and his wish to retire. Once Gordon had informed Sonova of his long-term plans, both parties worked closely together to ensure a successful outcome for the business and realise the further potential that Sonova ownership brings.

“I didn’t want to retire without knowing the future of the business was in safe hands,” said Gordon Morris. “I have every confidence that Sonova UK will build on the business I have founded and take it to the next level!”

The business will continue to operate under the Gordon Morris brand and be based in Somerton, Somerset. Gordon will work closely with the new management over the coming months to ensure a seamless transition and envisages being in full retirement by the end of 2018.