Phonak Commitment to Service: Snapshot Survey

We are piloting an ‘event triggered feedback survey’ to help us improve our supply chain services to you. The initial pilot focuses on ‘Custom New’ and ‘Service Orders’ from our UK Service Centre, but we will expand this to cover all aspects of our supply chain which affect you as our customer.

This survey is designed to be super quick and easy for you to complete, and because we know your time is valuable, you won’t receive more than one request every 60 days. From this Snapshot Survey, we will see all year round how you feel about our service and we can react much more quickly to issues arising. To help you identify the relevant order, the survey will always contain our 25xxxxxxxx number and your purchase order number, if you provided one.

As this is an email survey, we do rely on having your correct contact details maintained, so please, next time you are talking to your Account Manager, or your Customer Service Team, please take a few minutes to make sure we have all your contact details on our system. We really appreciate your support and feedback.