Phonak Remote App

Date published: 7-November-2017

Turning smartphones into easy to use support tools.

Hearing aid wearers often need support with their hearing aids. Printed user guides delivered with the products are usually filled with information which can be overwhelming and difficult to understand. Additionally, they can be lost or misplaced, which can cause issues when a problem arises.

The Phonak Guide app is created to help hearing aid wearers get acquainted with the functions of their hearing aid. User-friendly illustrations show step-by-step instructions regarding handling and maintenance for everyday use. Because the app is always available, it is convenient and provides peace of mind for the hearing aid wearer.

The Phonak Guide app supports all Phonak Belong and Venture products with relevant content. We advise all hearing care professionals to include the Phonak Remote App as part of their customer support services.

Experience it yourself! Scan the QR codes below to open the app and follow the wizard to customize it for specific hearing aids.