Release notes for Roger Upgrader V1.13 and FW V1.4 (Roger Touchscreen Mic and Roger Pass-around)

Date Published: 29-January-2018

Roger Upgrader V1.13  is now available on the internet under accessories 


What is new in Roger Upgrader V1.13?

Roger Upgrader V1.13 features firmware version v1.4 for Roger Touchscreen Mic and  for Roger Pass-around

What is new in firmware version V1.4?

This firmware release supports changes for internal hardware component replacement on new batch of products. Existing hardware is also supported with the new firmware v1.4 

Important clarification: It is NOT mandatory to upgrade any installed based devices.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Are devices (Roger Touchscreen Mic, Roger Pass-around) featuring firmware v1.4 compatible to devices featuring firmware v1.3?


2) Can I upgrade a device (Roger Touchscreen Mic, Roger Pass-around) featuring firmware v1.3 to firmware v1.4?


3) Can I downgrade a device from the manufacturing plant (Roger Touchscreen Mic, Roger Pass-around) featuring firmware v1.4 to an older firmware version e.g. v1.3?


4) Does it run on Windows?

Roger Upgrader is working on Windows 10. It is recommended to first start Roger Upgrader and then connect the device afterwards.