Love at First Sound

Audiology is at the heart of everything we do at Phonak, which is why we’re delighted with the incredible technology and features in our new revolutionary hearing aid, Marvel. Here, we touch on just a few of the amazing innovations.

Revolutionary technology

Our mission has always been to enable people to thrive socially and emotionally by improving their ability to communicate with each other. The new Marvel hearing aid combines all of Phonak’s cutting-edge technology in a single, neat, easy to use package and offers the best possible hearing in any situation with a sound quality that is second to none.

Featuring an impressive eight ‘world’s first’ innovations, the Phonak Marvel hearing aid will wow the wearer. It connects to smartphones, TVs and tablets (and more) so the wearer can stream music, podcasts, radio and TV directly – delivering an unrivalled clear, rich sound.

Phonak Audéo M


The moment of truth

An exceptional first fit is crucial for first-time users of hearing aids, but of course it is also critical for fitters. The Phonak team spent months developing a pre-calculation that delivers exceptional sound quality from the first fit using the new AutoSense OS™ 3.0, which has been developed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to precisely tailor the hearing aid performance to the needs of the situation, delivering a more natural listening experience. In noisy situations, AutoSense applies adaptive compression speed to minimise listening effort for the wearer.


A world first – of many

Marvel is the world’s first and only hearing aid that classifies streamed signals, which means the wearer experiences top rated streamed sound quality. This technology is so smart, it knows exactly what you’re streaming – be that music, or TV, for example – and adjusts to the best setting without a touch of a button. Amazing, right?

Another first is RogerDirect – streaming the Roger signal directly to the hearing aids. There are more Roger compatible form factors than ever before in the aid which is 33% smaller and 60% lighter than before.

The result?

The result of this dedicated research, innovation and design is a hearing aid that wows the patient and the provider, delivers the best possible performance 24/7 thanks to its unrivalled sophisticated automatic system, and an exceptional sound quality from the very first fit.

In audiological terms, the fundamental needs of the patient have been addressed better than ever before, and we are delighted to share this with our providers.

It truly is Love at First Sound.

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