Product Phase-Out

Dear Valued Customer,RE: Product Phase-Out

At Phonak we strive to create a world in which there is a solution for every hearing loss.  Our principal goal is to support Hearing Care Professionals to help people hear the world by providing the most innovative technology along with outstanding service and support. With this in mind, I would like to make you aware of some changes relating to a few of our products.

Due to advances in technology, the following products will be phased out from 31st March 2019:

Comfort Audio Conference Mics DC10 & 20

Part Number Product Description
052-4002 CA Conference Microphone DC10 b
052-4011 CA Conference Microphone DC20 f1
052-4013 CA Conference Microphone DC20 f2-UK
052-4122 CA Conference Microphone DC20 f1-UK
055-4054 CA Dummy Conference Microphone DC20
055-4015 CA Neckholder Microphone

We will continue to service and repair these products for five years from the date of phase-out.

Please contact your Regional Sales Manager to discuss the new product options available which replace the products listed above.

If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact your Regional Sales Manager or Phonak’s Customer Service Team on 01925 623600.

Kind regards,

Jacqueline Enright

Sales Operations and Product Manager

Phonak UK