Product update: Integrated Roger Receivers – Tamperproof Conversion Process

Dear Valued Customer,

Following on from our Focus days, we were made aware of a number of day to day challenges that you are currently facing. We have listened to all of the feedback and we are currently working on solutions to make life that little bit easier for you. I am pleased to inform you of our first improvement, which is around the process for tamperproof receiver conversion.

The safety of Phonak’s youngest hearing instrument and radio aid users is of the utmost importance to us and therefore a variety of tamperproof  solutions  are  available  for  use with our Paediatric hearing instruments and Roger integrated receivers when required.

Following a recent consultation  with our  headquarters  in Staefa, Switzerland, I am  happy to confirm that it is no longer necessary to send integrated Roger receivers and their corresponding Tamperproof Kits into Phonak UK for modification to tamperproof versions. This process may now be carried out by yourselves in the field if you wish to do so. We will however continue to offer this modification service for you if you would prefer the conversion to be carried out by Phonak UK.

N.B: If you would like to continue sending your receivers and tamperproof kits into Phonak UK for conversion, please clearly state on the paper work accompanying the items that the receivers are to be converted to tamperproof versions. Please also include your full contact details i.e name, address, account number etc.

here are clear instructions for the conversion process enclosed within each receiver’s corresponding tamperproof kit. Please ensure you follow the correct instructions for the receiver you are converting. Please see the following example of instructions for conversion of a Roger 18 receiver:-

If you have any further questions or if you would like some face to face
training regarding the receiver conversion process, then please do not hesitate to contact your local Regional Sales Manager or call our Technical Support Team on 01925 623 600.

Rest assured, we are looking into further improvements based on your feedback to make access to hearing solutions for you, and your end user, even easier. We will update you in due course as we break down these barriers to ensure those that need help receive it.

Kind Regards

Jacqueline Enright
Sales Operations and Product Manager