Leadership Change at Sonova UK & Ireland

We are delighted to announce that Jon Billings (MD UK & Ireland) has been promoted to the position of VP Phonak Marketing at our Head Quarters in Switzerland as of 1st August 2019. Since his return in 2017, Jon has successfully led the growth and development of the Sonova UK & Ireland business. During this time he has developed strong partnerships, led change and continued to build the great culture across the organisation. In his new position, Jon will utilise his strong commercial acumen and understanding of the needs of our customers to continue to take the global Sonova organisation from strength to strength.

With this change, we are also pleased to announce that Karen Gallagher (Global Commercial Category Manager), will take over the position of Managing Director Sonova UK & Ireland as of 1st August 2019.

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Introducing Phonak’s Bluetooth Support Page

Phonak Audéo Marvel offers Bluetooth connectivity to directly connect the device to a customer’s smartphone. This can vastly improve the wearer’s quality of life, allowing them to stream calls, music and other audio to their devices, without the need for wires.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a way of exchanging data wirelessly over a short distance. It was originally designed to do away with the many wires connecting smart devices to each other (such as headphones and a computer). It uses a special radio frequency to send sound data between devices. You can put a Bluetooth chip in most smart items, including computers, digital cameras, smartphones and headphones.

The Phonak Bluetooth support page

With Phonak Audéo Marvel, clients can connect their device with an Android or iOS smartphone. However, some may turn to you for advice on how to do this or to troubleshoot any issues. That’s where Phonak’s Bluetooth support page comes in.

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