Phonak Learning (LMS) launches new Marvel modules

To support the recent launch of revolutionary new hearing aid range, Marvel, we’ve introduced a plethora of exciting digital solutions to help both your practice and your customers.

These include being able to offer real-time remote support at a convenient time for both you and your customers, streaming audio content direct to Marvel devices through any Bluetooth device, and real-time voice-to-text transcription of phones calls. Now, to help you take Marvel and your professional practice to the next level, Phonak has developed a series of CPD accredited training modules specifically for the range.

Introducing Marvel modules in Phonak LMS

Phonak’s Learning Management System (LMS, and also known as Phonak Learning) is already the perfect accompaniment to many professional practices and the Phonak range.

With the inclusion of Marvel-specific content, it’s become even better! Practitioners who wish to use the Marvel range more effectively, including Audéo M, will find everything they need to know within the new modules, which are easily accessible from your personal Phonak LMS dashboard.

Understand how Marvel meets different communication needs

One feature that has brought greater quality of life to Marvel users is the ability to stream audio content from iOS and Android smartphone and tablet devices. Phonak LMS explains why this feature is so important to many hearing aid wearers, breaking down the stats behind smartphone use across different age groups. Information from the module will help practitioners better understand how Marvel meets different communication needs and how to explain this to your clients.

Help clients pick the right devices

Phonak LMS also takes you through the various capabilities of the Marvel range. From streaming hands-free phone calls and listening to music in both ears , to better hearing within noisy and group settings.

Become an app pro

The Phonak myCall-to-Text app is another feature that Marvel end-users have enjoyed using. Available to download free on both apple and android app stores, it offers a solution to the issues that hearing aid wearers have reported when communicating over the phone. The app also offers the option to save conversations, so there never has to be a worry of an important conversation being missed again.

Lots of content to improve your knowledge

The Marvel modules sit alongside a number of other exciting, CPD-accredited courses including important industry topics such as hearing loss and Dementia, music and cochlear implants, as well as Phonak product remote hearing aid programming modules.

All content is delivered delivered in short 10-15 minute modules with interactive formats that suit every learning style, from videos to click-through conversations and questionnaires. Ensuring that you remain engaged with every module form start-to-finish. With the ability to pause all courses at any point and access on all types of mobile and computer devices, the modules have been designed to suit a busy work life.

So what are you waiting for? Become a professional ‘Marvel’ by signing up to Phonak LMS today!

It couldn’t be easier to sign up to Phonak Learning – follow this link: 

Alternatively, if you would like us to set up an account for you, please contact our customer services team directly on: 01925 623 600

Bluetooth know-how and eSolutions showcased: Phonak eAudiology event

Read about our recent eAudiology event in London, which shone a light on the impressive new suite of Phonak eSolutions.

Our recent eAudiology event in London marked the culmination of a series of events shining a light on the impressive new suite of Phonak eSolutions, announcing new product launches and supporting attendees with Bluetooth advice and know-how.

Over 100 attendees joined the Phonak team at roadshows across the country, taking part in a morning of informative sessions showcasing the new Marvel hearing aid; learning more about ‘listening effort’ and StereoZoom technology, and a popular session: Understanding Bluetooth.

Following a networking lunch, attendees were invited to explore the eSolutions for themselves, taking part in hosted demonstrations of Phonak’s eSolutions: Remote Support, myCall-to-Text, Phonak eLearning, eStore, Hearing Screener and more.

The Phonak eLearning, or LMS, proved popular with many attendees remarking on the ease of use of the online modular learning system, and the flexibility it offers. Modules are designed to be accessible from any device, at your convenience and are just 15 minutes long – perfect for a commute, tea break or evening activity if the working day is jam-packed with customers!

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Also popular was the Phonak eStore – attendees were taken through the ordering process by the Phonak team and shown just how accurate and bespoke the orders could be with just a few clicks. Several audiologists in the group were already fans of the eStore – if you’re yet to try it out then click here to learn more, or contact the team to get started.

In the coming months, we’ll publish a series of blogs taking a closer look at each of our eSolutions; explaining what they are, how they work, and how to set them up – plus any other FAQs about the technology – so you’re fully equipped with the knowledge you need to better inform your customers.

Want to get started with Phonak’s eSolutions? Contact Phonak’s customer services to find out how: 01925 623 600