Smart Apps – the next step in hearing aid technology

At Phonak we’re constantly looking at ways to innovate and build on the technology we use in our hearing aids. To offer truly great innovations, we listen to feedback from audiologists so we can create solutions that really work, and will appeal to the wearer – that’s where our new Smart Apps come in.

We have designed and introduced five new Smart Apps to the Phonak family – if you attended our Marvel launch, you will have been introduced to a few of these innovations already.

We’re delighted to be rolling out the new Smart Apps for 2019. In this blog you can find more information about each of the apps. Remember, if you have any questions or would like guidance on how to advise your customers on how to set up the various apps, then please get in touch with the Phonak customer services team.

myPhonak app

The myPhonak app allows the wearer to share information about their hearing aid(s) with you, in real-time. Within the app a new feature called ‘The Hearing Diary’. Thisenables wearers to chart, diarise and share their experience of day-to-day hearing aid usage and satisfaction. The Remote Support service means that the wearer can experience and receive real-time hearing aid adjustments, so the hearing aid is optimised quickly, even in the most challenging situations.

Learn more about the myPhonak app, here.

myCall-to-Text app

Keeping up with conversations can be really tricky, particularly in noisy environments. The Phonak myCall-to-Text transcribes real-time conversations and presents them as a text directly to the wearer’s phone. It means wearers can communicate with anyone, any time, anywhere without worrying about missing out on the conversation. The myCall-to-Text app is enabled in an incredible 80 languages!

Find out more about myCall-to-Text here.

Phonak Remote App

The Phonak Remote app transforms a smartphone into an advanced remote control for Phonak hearing aids with Bluetooth technology. Once installed, the wearer can change the hearing aid programs and control volume using the app.

Learn more about Phonak Remote app, and download the app, by clicking here.

Phonak Guide app

The Phonak Guide app has been created to introduce the Phonak hearing aids to new wearers. Handling and maintenance of the hearing aid is illustrated and described in a clear and user-friendly way.

Find out more about the Phonak Guide app, here.

Tinnitus Balance app

Phonak’s Tinnitus Balance app allows wearers to create a unique and personal library of sounds and music to reduce and ease the impact of tinnitus.

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Help your customers to get the most out of their hearing aids by exploring the world of Phonak Smart Apps, or join us at one of our popular regional roadshows this year. Click here for details.

To find out more about our Smart Apps, please contact the Phonak customer services team on: 01925 623 600