Bluetooth know-how and eSolutions showcased: Phonak eAudiology event

Read about our recent eAudiology event in London, which shone a light on the impressive new suite of Phonak eSolutions.

Our recent eAudiology event in London marked the culmination of a series of events shining a light on the impressive new suite of Phonak eSolutions, announcing new product launches and supporting attendees with Bluetooth advice and know-how.

Over 100 attendees joined the Phonak team at roadshows across the country, taking part in a morning of informative sessions showcasing the new Marvel hearing aid; learning more about ‘listening effort’ and StereoZoom technology, and a popular session: Understanding Bluetooth.

Following a networking lunch, attendees were invited to explore the eSolutions for themselves, taking part in hosted demonstrations of Phonak’s eSolutions: Remote Support, myCall-to-Text, Phonak eLearning, eStore, Hearing Screener and more.

The Phonak eLearning, or LMS, proved popular with many attendees remarking on the ease of use of the online modular learning system, and the flexibility it offers. Modules are designed to be accessible from any device, at your convenience and are just 15 minutes long – perfect for a commute, tea break or evening activity if the working day is jam-packed with customers!

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Also popular was the Phonak eStore – attendees were taken through the ordering process by the Phonak team and shown just how accurate and bespoke the orders could be with just a few clicks. Several audiologists in the group were already fans of the eStore – if you’re yet to try it out then click here to learn more, or contact the team to get started.

In the coming months, we’ll publish a series of blogs taking a closer look at each of our eSolutions; explaining what they are, how they work, and how to set them up – plus any other FAQs about the technology – so you’re fully equipped with the knowledge you need to better inform your customers.

Want to get started with Phonak’s eSolutions? Contact Phonak’s customer services to find out how: 01925 623 600

Launch Events – London and Manchester

Following the successful introduction of Audéo™ B-Direct, Virto™ B, and CROS B hearing solutions to the UK market, we were keen to gauge specialist audience reaction to these new products at our recent launch events in London and Manchester.

Proceedings at the event commenced with a well-received introduction from Jon Billings, the recently appointed MD of Phonak UK & Ireland, swiftly followed by an overview of its Belong Platform featuring rechargeable hearing aids with groundbreaking lithium-ion batteries, super discreet custom hearing aids made from titanium, the introduction of biometric calibration for custom hearing aids and the brand new, proprietary 2.4 GHz radio chip SWORD offering direct connectivity to any mobile phone for the first time.

Virto™ B with biometric calibration was then introduced as the latest member of the In The Ear (ITE) family. Biometric calibration is a new technology, which identifies over 1,600 data points for each ear and uses Phonak’s specially developed software to precisely calibrate the hearing instrument to individual ear anatomies.

The afternoon session introduced Audéo™ B-Direct as an extension of the popular RIC hearing aid family for mild to severe hearing losses. Powered by the Phonak Belong technology and the first product to employ Sonova’s revolutionary SWORD chip and wireless radio technology, Phonak Audeo B-Direct broadens the scope of the Phonak portfolio with a targeted solution for people seeking direct connectivity. Audeo B-Direct is the first entry into the direct connectivity segment with universal connectivity. Devices in the range can connect easily to any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone as well as televisions and other Bluetooth enabled devices. The low-voltage wireless chip has the lowest power consumption of any hearing aid using Bluetooth Classic.

This universal connectivity is an important step forward for Phonak. Until recently, only iPhone mobile users – estimated to be only 10% of all mobile phone users worldwide – were able to make a wireless connection to their hearing aids. Phonak’s new technologies have addressed this issue and now almost any phone – including Android devices and even simple feature phones – can connect to the company’s hearing aids. This development is a game changer in the hearing aid market, and will allow tens of thousands of users to thrive socially and emotionally.

Delegates were also impressed by the hands-free capability of Audeo B-Direct. This new solution allows the wearer to answer or reject a phone call by simply pressing the push button on their hearing aid.

In order to fully appreciate the benefits of this new Bluetooth connectivity and discover for themselves how easy it is to use, delegates were able to try Phonak’s new Audéo B-Direct hearing aids in an authentic cinema environment. They were impressed not only by the seamless connectivity, but also the high-quality sound performance enabled by the brand new TV Connector accessory, which is a plug’n play interface to TV and other audio sources, supporting direct connectivity to Phonak Audeo B Direct hearing aids. It’s designed to simplify the setup and usage and offers superior stereo sound quality using Airstream technology.

The launch events were a huge success and delegates left with an invaluable audiological insight into Virto B with biometric calibration, Audeo B Direct and the TV Connector as well as an understanding of how the consumer benefits of these new technologies can also generate additional revenue for independent audiologists.